Highlights on CFVI Grants

Partnering with the community is what we do. Since 1990 the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands has been accumulating assets given by you and your neighbors - and year after year CFVI has been increasing its support and grants to the people of our Territory. To date, CFVI has given away more than $25 Million.

In 2016, our total assets were more than $11 million.

We've Been Active!

In 2016 (our most recent audited year), CFVI contributed in excess of more than $2 million to help address needs throughout the territory, benefiting thousands of Virgin Islanders:

  • $547,311 toward Education including undergraduate and graduate scholarships, summer enrichment grants, teacher grants, Next Generation Scholars program and the Governor's Summer Reading Challenge.
  • $109,462 in Early Childhood Initiatives including the The Family Connection, text4Baby, the Virtues Project and book donations to our local schools, hospitals and community organizations.
  • $831,911 to Community based projects such as Caribbean Genealogy Library, VI Junior Golf, VI/PR Friendship Day, VI Horse Welfare Foundation and our Junior Angels program to name a few.
  • $153,246 to support children and families in need from our Rapid Response Funds and Hodge Senior Citizen Assistance Fund and to improve the awareness of the status our children via the annual Kids Count project.
  • $547,311 in health related grants given from our VI Cancer Patient, St. John Cancer Funds, American Cancer Society Grant and other emergency grant funds.