In Memoriam

Honor your
loved ones.

Celebrate the memory and life of a loved one through CFVI’s memorial funds. The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands honors the memories of loved ones by enriching the lives of Virgin Islanders beyond their passing.

What is a memorial fund? 

A memorial fund is a charitable fund established to accept donations in memory of a loved one and a simple, meaningful way to honor a life. Memorial funds can be established to support a range of charitable causes, including your loved one’s passions and interests. We acknowledge each donation as it is received and notify you of the gift so that you may thank the donor in your own way. All gifts to memorial funds are tax deductible.  

How to establish a Memorial Fund


Decide what to name your fund. Examples include,
but are not limited to,“The Edward Smith Memorial Fund,” the “Jones Family Fund,” or the
“Smith Legacy Fund for Education.”


Select a family representative (or representatives)
who will decide how donations to the
fund should be distributed.


Contact CFVI to let us know of your desire to
establish a memorial fund. Our staff is available for support in these difficult times. Please reach out by email at or by phone at 
340-774-6031 for assistance or inquiries.

Friends and family of your loved one will want to know how they can make memorial donations.
The best way to share this information is in your loved one’s obituary.

As a resource, we suggest the following wording for your published notification:

In lieu of flowers, <<insert individual’s name>> family requests that donations be made to the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI) in honor of his/her life. From these gifts, the family will direct donations to organizations and charitable efforts aligned with <<insert individual’s name>> passions and interests. Checks should be made out to CFVI, with a memo noting “in memory of <<insert individual’s name,>> and mailed to: P.O. Box 380, St. Thomas, VI 00804. You may also donate online at <<insert link provided by CFVI.>>

Last Name:
A - H


  • Carlos Aguilar
  • Keith Ambrose
  • Marion and John Anderson
  • Alicia Armstrong


  • Wilfred Barry
  • Doris C. Battiste
  • Patrick Bellantoni
  • George Blackhall
  • Maria Weekes Bonner
  • Kimberly Brin
  • Lou Ellen Brown


  • Peter Curreri
  • Chris Chaffin


  • John P. deJongh, Sr.
  • Greg “Rabbit” DeMastri


  • Alexander A. Farrelly
  • Elliot Fishman


  • Allen and Gretchen Gates
  • Don Gibbs
  • Aliki and Milan Glumidge
  • Cameron Elliott Graham Jr.
  • Anna Greene Walsh
  • Sanford “Sandy” Grishman
  • Peter Gruber

Last Name:


  • Carol Lee Jans
  • J. Raymond Jones


  • Helen and Allen Kaplan
  • Marilyn Kreke
  • Marie Keese LeLash
  • Charlotte and Henry L. Kimelman
  • Kitty Koenig-Probyn


  • Francis James LeCuyer
  • Charles Lynch


  • Flavel Magras
  • Mark C. Marin
  • Bruce Marshall
  • Bussell McLaughlin
  • Sharon Mesmain
  • Greg Miller


  • Barbara O’Brien
  • David O’Connell
  • Earle B. Ottley


  • Charlotte and Isidor Paeiwonsky
  • Estelle Parrott
  • Jose Luis Pasarell
  • Jermaine “Ras Koniyah” Pemberton
  • Berenice Penn
  • Michael “Mikey” T. Perreault
  • Beulah and Joseph Potter


  • Michael Quinn

Last Name:
R - Z


  • Mary Lynne Raymer
  • Jean T. Robertson
  • Maria Rodriguez


  • Theodore E. Sharp
  • Vivian Silver
  • Jeroll “Jerry” Silverberg
  • William “Buddy” Smith
  • Willard R. Sparks
  • Elaine Ione Sprauve
  • Lewis Arthur Stern
  • John Arthur Swinson


  • Mayrelou Thomas
  • Edward L. Towle
  • Sheila Trunk
  • Tom Tyne


  • George E. D. Unger


  • Lincoln Watley
  • Ric Weinschenk
  • Artrelle Wheatley
  • Margaret Ann White-Lewis


  • William Jeffrey Yochum