Mahogany Legacy Society

Create the Legacy You Want to Leave

The Mahogany Legacy Society recognizes donors investing in the community by naming the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI) as a beneficiary of their estate plans. Estate plan funds can benefit the territory in perpetuity, becoming a legacy for our community’s future. 

Why it’s important 

An estate plan allows you to plan for the future. You can create the legacy you want to leave, ensuring your family is protected well into the future. Without these documents, the laws of your state will determine how your assets are divided after your lifetime. This may leave out people and organizations that are important to you. 

Time for an update? 

If you have already created your estate plan, take time this year to make sure it is current, especially if you have experienced life events such as: 

  • A change in marital status for you or someone in your family 
  • A new child 
  • The loss of a loved one 
  • A move to a new state 
  • The desire to make an impact at organizations like CFVI in the future 

Six easy ways to include CFVI in your estate plan: 




A Retirement Plan or IRA 


Life Insurance Policies 


Donor-Advised Funds 


Savings Accounts


Certificates of Deposits

Make CFVI part of your legacy and create a lasting impact 

When you include a gift to CFVI in your estate plan, you ensure your legacy will continue to enrich the quality of life in the territory for future generations of Virgin Islands residents.


For questions, please contact: 

Dee Baecher-Brown, President 

Office: 340.774.6031
Cell: 340.998.4143

Sonia Barnes-Moorhead, Vice President, Development & Capacity Building
Cell: 845.616.1930


Mahogany Legacy Society Resources

Information you need to make a legacy gift: 

Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands 
PO Box 380 
St. Thomas, VI 00804 

Tax ID#: 66-0470703

We invite you to join the Mahogany Legacy Society in order that the Foundation may recognize and acknowledge your generosity and your gift that will provide significant benefits to our community in the future.

Mahogany Legacy Society Members

  • Dee and Richard Brown 
  • Lou Ellen Brown† 
  • Josefina and Ricardo J. Charaf 
  • Mark Coolidge 
  • Annette and Frank Daly 
  • Anita Davis-Sedlak† 
  • Shari Decker† and William Otto 
  • Penny and Hank Feuerzeig 
  • Frank M. Halley† 
  • Patricia “Trish” Hardy†
  • Rashida Hodge 
  • Sharon and Fred Hupprich 
  • Charlotte† and Henry L. Kimelman† 
  • Allison and Sean Krivatch 
  • Norma S. Levin† 
  • Willoughby Lewis 
  • Catherine and Don Mills 
  • Jean T. Robertson† 
  • Suzanne and Terrence Robinson 
  • Karen B. and William S. Robinson 
  • Margaret Sprauve-Martin and Michael Martin 
  • Marie ThomasGriffith & Sal Griffith 
  • Rebecca and James Tunick 
  • Henry U. Wheatley