The Virtues Project


The Virtues Project is an international initiative focused on building peaceful and caring communities aligned to 52 virtues such as compassion, integrity, respect.

The Virtues Project promotes community capacity-building to teach positive behaviors and attitudes and contribute to healthy and supportive environments across sectors. This initiative originated in 2010 with a workgroup of the Early Childhood Advisory Committee of the Children and Families Council and was moved forward with support from CFVI.

In 2021, CFVI made a commitment to reinvigorating The Virtues Project and relaunched the initiative. In its current form, the goal is to re-engage the community in discussion and awareness of the Virtue of the Week in schools, childcare settings, home, and the workplace through the media, religious institutions, schools and centers, government agencies, and businesses.

"It is our hope that this small step will contribute to expanding our awareness, heightening our collective consciousness, and promoting a more compassionate and safer community for all who call the Virgin Islands home"

- CFVI President Dee Baecher-Brown

About The Project

The Project defines virtues as "the essence of the human spirit and the content of our character." The mission of The Virtues Project is to inspire people of all cultures to remember who we really are, what we aspire to be, and to live by our highest values. You can find a list of virtues here.

To learn more about The Virtues Project, visit The Virtues Project is provided by the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands in partnership with Virtues Matter.


About Virtues Matter

Virtues Matter was started by a passionate wife-husband team of social entrepreneurs seeking to positively uplift as many lives as possible. We aim to inspire and empower, to build capacity, strengthen relationships, and help everyone lead lives of passion and purpose.

Virtues Matter believes in a world where people are committed to kindness and respect, strive to be their best, and live with hope, courage, and in unity. We built the Virtues Cards mobile app, an interactive personal and team development tool to help people identify and develop key virtues skills. We also offer dynamic workshops, online training, and customized programs to help people cultivate these positive qualities of character. To learn more, visit

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