2021 Recipient of Euan P. McFarlane Environmental Leadership Award

2021 Recipient of Euan P. McFarlane Environmental Leadership Award

December 17, 2021 / 5 mins read

U.S. Virgin Islands, December 14, 2021 — The Advisory Committee of the Euan P. McFarlane Environmental Leadership Award of the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI) is pleased to announce the selection of Kendon James (pictured) of Grenada for receipt of the 2021 McFarlane Award, in recognition of his important work as a dedicated and passionate environmentalist.

Recipients of the McFarlane Award are recognized as individuals who have applied themselves to the preservation of the natural or built environment in the insular Caribbean and who demonstrate an appreciation of and support for the advancement of environmental stewardship and balanced development in the Caribbean. More recently, they are also individuals who are 30 years of age or younger, as the award now focuses on emerging young leaders and on the achievements of a new generation of Caribbean trailblazers.

For the last two years, James has been a key player with Conservation Kayak, where he prepared and set up kayak trips providing guests with knowledge on local ecology, conservation, environmental issues, and cultural/historical facts about Grenada while cultivating a fun and relaxing environment.

James has been described as a motivated and efficient “ecowarrior” who has transformed his love of community and country into concrete conservation actions. His studies at St. George’s University in Marine, Wildlife and Conservation Biology have been accompanied by work in the field that give him a hands-on experience in the protection of sea turtles and their nesting and feeding areas, in the inventory and protection of birds and in the conservation of mangrove ecosystems.

"Kendon’s dedication and contribution to environmental conservation continues to grow with his ever increasing level of experience and knowledge," said his nominator Kate Charles, project coordinator for Ocean Spirits Inc. and Grenada WIDECAST coordinator. "He is a respected and highly valuable member of Grenadian society. I look forward to all that Kendon has to offer Grenada and the Caribbean region over the course of the next decade and beyond," she said.

James also has a presence as a community leader and a volunteer sharing knowledge and raising awareness about the threats to ecosystems and the species that live within them. One reviewer noted that the common themes in all of James' letters of endorsement are his humility, diligence, commitment and capacity to share his passion and knowledge with people of all ages and of different backgrounds.

"All of these elements contribute to the promise of a young, determined and likeable leader in efforts to conserve Grenada’s natural environment," the reviewer stated.

The Euan P. McFarlane Award was established in 1987 to recognize individuals demonstrating initiative, resourcefulness and leadership in promoting conservation and enhancement of the environment in the insular Caribbean. Endowment funding for the award was provided by the late businessman and conservationist Laurance S. Rockefeller, and the program was initially administered by Island Resources Foundation from 1987-2014. The McFarlane Leadership Award is now managed by the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands as part of its program of support to youth, learning, family support and the environment.