Harnessing the power of pro bono support for USVI nonprofits


Catchafire is an online platform that matches nonprofits with skilled professionals who want to donate their time and talents to help with organizational needs like marketing, IT, coaching, financial planning, communications and much more.

Since September 2019, CFVI has partnered with Catchafire to provide more than 150 nonprofit organizations in the territory with access to the platform, allowing the nonprofits to match with pro bono professionals all over the U.S. and around the world on more than 130 different types of projects. Each project is scoped out with useful steps, expectations, and recommended timelines that eliminate the time an organization would typically spend writing up instructions for a volunteer.

Our Results

Since the program launched in September 2019, we have seen some impressive and inspiring results.
As of February 2023, our USVI nonprofit partners have connected with skilled volunteers on: 


Projects and calls


Volunteer hours donated



Our volunteer, Steven, stepped right in and completed the project in just the way we had envisioned. Our new logos are perfect! Thank you so much, Steven - we really hope we can work with you again.

Angela Golden Bryan, CEO/Founder
Fireburn Foundation, Inc.

I have really enjoyed using Catchafire. The volunteers have all been great and have provided professional deliverables. Having access to this resource has really helped us out, particularly with graphic design work. The strategy session project has also been instrumental in organizing and moving our organization forward. We definitely would not have been able to afford the level of consultant we received if it weren’t for Catchafire.

Kelly Lawson, Executive Director
Island Green Living

Our volunteer, Lynette, did a wonderful job on our art trail brochure. I conveyed the aesthetics I was looking for and she captured the concept beyond my expectation. I'm very pleased with the outcome.

Virginia Clairmont, President and CEO
Clean Sweep Frederiksted

Catchafire has made a profound impact on our organization. We have completed 22 projects and calls with them: visual branding, marketing, brochure, finance (Quickbooks online), fundraising, elevator pitch coaching, time management coaching, long-term financial planning, strategic plan, Facebook and social media audit and calls, annual report, website audit…they have been incredible. We are SO grateful to CFVI for their support of our organization in this way – WOW! We have saved almost $50,000 in projects thanks to you!

Kristen Carmichael-Bowers, Executive Director
St. John Singers

Give your skills for good—become a Catchafire volunteer!

Nonprofits in the Virgin Islands are often on the frontlines of responding to needs and providing services in our community. Unfortunately, many nonprofits lack the resources to complete important work in areas such as marketing and communications, finance and operations, and human resources, leaving them without the necessary expertise and capacity to achieve their desired impact. That's where you come in. By volunteering for a project with a Virgin Islands nonprofit, or even just getting on a phone call to offer advice, you are giving so much more than your time. You are expanding the organizational capacity of Virgin Islands nonprofits, enabling them to more effectively and efficiently carry out the important work they do every day.

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