Judith A. Towle Environmental Studies Fund at CFVI Accepting Applications for 2022 Funding

The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI) announces the availability of funding to support studies and activities in the insular Caribbean that address environmental concerns which transcend the boundaries of a single island or island state. Funded by the Judith A. Towle Environmental Studies Fund at CFVI, up to $8,000 is available to support activities that include internships, research studies, workshops, seminars, lectureships, citizen science, or publications.

The Judith A. Towle Environmental Studies Fund was established at CFVI in 2003, in recognition of the work, interests, and commitment of Judith Ann Towle to increase environmental awareness in the Eastern Caribbean. Grants will be awarded based on the potential of the proposed project to promote an innovative and integrated approach to addressing shared environmental concerns across island boundaries, and for projects that contribute to transboundary solutions for environmental problemsthat threaten long-term environmental sustainability.

Who Is Eligible? Applications may be submitted by (1) individuals who are residents of the insular Caribbean and (2) not-for-profit institutions based in the insular Caribbean. Graduate students may also submit applications for research projects focused on the insular Caribbean. Applications will NOT be accepted from for-profit organizations.

Award Criteria. Applications will be reviewed by an advisory committee of individuals familiar with the award, the insular Caribbean, and environmental initiatives in the region. Applicants should note the following in preparing their submissions:

  1. The Fund is seeking projects that are original and innovative, and applications will be evaluated on how well the proposed activity is breaking new ground, rather than merely replicating projects that have been done before. In addition, applicants are encouraged to propose projects that demonstrate on-the-ground results, particularly for enhancing local education and citizen awareness.
  2. For applications supporting a research activity, please note that the Fund only supports applied research studies, and the outcome or findings of the project should prioritize practical applications. If the proposed research is a piece of a larger field of study, but one to be executed on a local island platform, the applicant must demonstrate a working knowledge of the broader field of research and how the proposed project fits within this larger field of study. Additionally, the proposal should address how the research accommodates local resources and capacity.
  3. Proposed projects need not identify multiple islands in order to extend project findings or tangible outputs beyond the physical boundaries of a single Caribbean island. However, the methodology employed and the anticipated results must demonstrate transboundary solutions that can be applied to shared environmental problems that extend across island boundaries.

Application Process. Applications will be accepted as single-file attachments, not to exceed four (4) single-spaced typed pages, sent via email to general.info@cfvi.net. Please use the subject line: APPLICATION FOR JUDITH TOWLE ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES FUND.

Application Submission Deadline: September 30, 2022.
Use the following section headers when preparing your proposal. The first NINE (9) items noted below must appear in your proposal, and all information requested within each must be included in your application. Please note that your proposal must follow this format.


2)APPLICANT (select one):Individual: Identify Individual

Non-profit Institution: Identify Non-profit Institution

3) CONTACT INFORMATION. Name, address, telephone number and email address of the applicant. If applicant is an institution, a contact person at the institution must be provided.
4) APPLICANT QUALIFICATIONS. A brief introduction to the applicant, highlighting the applicant’s qualifications for undertaking the proposed project.
5) SUMMARY OF PROJECT. A two or three sentence introduction that briefly summarizes the project and provides the reader with a quick overview.

6) PROPOSED ACTIVITY. A fuller description of the proposed activity, including who will do what within what timeframe; the extent of local collaboration and partnership; and anticipated accomplishments, results, or products.
7) HOW THE PROPOSED ACTIVITY RELATES TO THE OBJECTIVE OF THE TOWLE FUND. Assessment of how the proposed activity furthers the overall purpose of the Towle Fund.
8) BUDGET. Amount of money requested and how it will be expended.
9) REFERENCES. Names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of three persons familiar with the applicant’s work and accomplishments.
10) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Supporting documentation may be submitted, not to exceed an additional three (3) pages. Documentation exceeding three pages will not be considered as part of the review process.

Grant Award. A grant will be made in 2022 not to exceed $8,000. The 2022 award announcement will be made no later than December 1, 2022.

Contact Information. Questions about this grant opportunity should be directed to general.info@cfvi.net.