Virtues Project

The Virtues Project is an international initiative focused on building peaceful and caring communities aligned to 52 virtues such as compassion, integrity, respect. The Virtues Project promotes community capacity-building to teach positive behaviors and attitudes and contribute to healthy and supportive environments across sectors. This is an initiative originated with a work group of Early Childhood Advisory Committee of the Children and Families Council and is moving forward with support from the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands. We are working in collaboration with the Department of Education to infuse VI culture into the messages and to implement The Virtues Project in the public schools. We are working with the Department of Human Services to disseminate the virtue of the week to Head Start and child care centers with suggested developmentally appropriate activities. The goal is to engage the community in discussion and awareness of the Virtue of the Week in schools, child care settings, home, and the workplace through the media, religious institutions, schools and centers, government agencies, and business organizations.

What you can do

We are hoping to partner with you to help get the message out about the Virtue of the Week at your workplace. We are hoping you will email it to your staff, put it in newsletters, post it on bulletin boards, and cite examples at your workplace of moments when the virtues are practiced by your staff.

We will send you the Virtue of the Week with a full description on Tuesday to ensure you have time to publicize it. Please let us know who on your staff would be the most appropriate person (with an email address or fax number) to receive the Virtue of the Week to ensure that the message will go out.

If you have any questions, please contact 340-774-6031.

For more information, you can review the website: