Become an Angel

CFVI is very grateful to accept gifts large or small. We truly appreciate the generosity of all of our donors and especially those of our Angels.

Angels are those essential people in the life of CFVI who make an annual gift of $500 or more. People from all walks of life are CFVI Angels.

Programs, operating costs, and much of our community outreach are provided each year through generous donations from CFVI Angels. Angel gifts support all we do in the community.

Each spring, we invite all Angels to be honored and celebrated at a gala Angel Reception.

Angels Make It Possible

Angel gifts directly enhance the well-being of our community. In 2018, more than $11 million in direct support was provided to organizations and individuals:

  • $9,002,031 for disaster assistance
  • $995,428 for community programs and services
  • $659,554 for health-related grants
  • $650,686 for education, including scholarships, teacher grants, and grants to schools and libraries

Angel Donation Levels

  • $25,000+     Visionary Angel
  • $20,000+     Champion Angel
  • $15,000+     Patron Angel
  • $10,000+     Diamond Angel
  • $5,000+       Platinum Angel
  • $2,500+       Gold Angel
  • $1,000+       Silver Angel
  • $500+          Angel

View the 2020 Angels Brochure here:

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The link provided is a secure donation via PayPal.

For those donating from St. Thomas, please enter Charlotte Amalie as the city when checking out.